Ukraine on High Alert: Zelenskiy Warns of Escalating Russian Assaults on Infrastructure Ahead of Winter

As winter draws near, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy warned Ukraine on Sunday to prepare for further Russian attacks on vital infrastructure. He said that forces in the eastern theater of the war were bracing for an impending assault.

According to a military spokesman, Russian strikes on the devastated town of Avdiivka in the east had slowed down a little during the last day, but they were expected to pick up steam in the days ahead.In his weekly video speech, Zelenskiy issued a warning one day after Russian forces launched their first missile attack on the capital, Kyiv, in almost seven weeks.

“Zelenskiy Urges Preparedness for Increased Enemy Attacks on Ukraine Infrastructure”

November is almost half over, and we need to be ready for greater enemy drone or missile attacks on our infrastructure,” Zelenskiy said. Russia is getting ready to invade Ukraine. As a result, in Ukraine, all efforts must be focused on defense, thwarting terrorist threats, and taking all necessary steps to keep our forces safe over the winter.”

Explosion Kills Russian Troops in Melitopol; Ukraine Reports Ongoing Infrastructure Attacks”

Russian troops were killed in an explosion in the town of Melitopol, which is under Russian occupation in the south. The explosion was reported by Ukrainian military intelligence, who described it as a “act of revenge” carried out by resistance organizations.According to statements made by Ukrainian officials last Wednesday, Russia has attacked Ukrainian infrastructure about 60 times in the previous several weeks, raising the possibility of a continuous offensive campaign.

“Zelenskiy Praises Soldiers in Avdiivka; Russia’s Winter Assaults on Ukrainian Infrastructure”

In his remarks, Zelenskiy commended the “heroic” actions of the soldiers holding Avdiivka against Russian advances that have been coming since mid-October. Pictures show the town’s buildings reduced to empty shells.About ten months into its invasion of Ukraine last winter, Russia launched several strikes on power plants and other energy-related infrastructure, resulting in rolling blackouts throughout the country.

Ukraine’s Energy Reserves for Winter Questioned; Escalating Airstrikes and Diminishing Infantry Attacks”

German Galushchenko, Ukraine’s energy minister, stated on Saturday that the country had enough energy supplies to last through the winter, but he added, “The question remains how much.”Airstrikes were growing, while the number of infantry attacks in the last 24 hours was half of what was seen earlier in the week, according to military spokesman Oleksandr Shtupun.

Shtupun stated on national television that “the enemy needs to regroup after suffering significant losses the day before yesterday.”The commander of Ukraine’s ground troops, General Oleksandr Syrskyi, sent out a Telegram stating that Moscow’s soldiers were moving more actively in the Bakhmut area and were attempting to regain land.

Ukraine on High Alert: Zelenskiy Warns of Escalating Russian

“Russian Forces Repel Attacks in Bakhmut; Fatalities in Melitopol Conference”

According to Russian reporting on the fighting on Sunday, its soldiers had repulsed five attacks by Ukrainians in the Bakhmut area. Reports from either side could not be independently verified by Reuters.Three people were killed at a conference in a post office that served as a military headquarters in Melitopol, a major base for Russian occupation forces. In a statement, the military intelligence directorate of Ukraine identified the deceased as officers of the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service (FSB) or National Guard.

Russian officials remained silent on the matter. The Ukrainian military has started hitting Russian-held territory more often, though it doesn’t always report these strikes.Bakhmut, which is north of Donetsk, was captured by Russian forces in May after protracted, fierce fighting. Nevertheless, nearby settlements have since been retaken by Ukrainian forces.

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