“Russian Police Arrest 60 Individuals in Dagestan Airport Riot: Unraveling the Unrest”

A mob of anti-Jewish demonstrators invaded a South Russian airport in Dagestan on Sunday, prompting Russian authorities to detain sixty people. This event in the Western areas has been attributed by the Kremlin to “foreign intervention”.https://chalkidanews.com/malayalam-actor-renjusha-menon-found-dead-uncovering-the-circumstances-of-her-tragic-demise/

The government of Dagestan, which is a predominantly Muslim region in the Northern Caucasus, announced on Monday that they had located 150 rioters who had broken into an airport to look for travelers coming from Tel Aviv.

“Gaza Supporters Surround Aircraft at Dagestan Airport Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict Speculations”

There was a commotion with a number of Gaza supporters encircling an airplane with Palestinian flags, and some people were climbing on the wings and roof of the aircraft. There were speculations that refugees were being relocated to this area as a result of the Israel-Hamas fighting.https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/india-vs-australia-live-score-world-cup-odi-today-8-october-2023-ind-vs-aus-chepauk-ma-chidambaram-stadium-chennai-101696735396157.html

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, two people were critically injured during the disturbances, along with police personnel and bystanders.

“Dagestan Governor Blames ‘Enemies’ and Draws Parallel to Ukraine Conflict Amid Airport Violence”

Sergey Melikov, the governor of Dagestan, compared the violence to “stabbing our soldiers in the back, who are defending our entire country” in Ukraine and blamed “our enemies,” including Kiev, for it.

“Dagestan Airport Unrest Laid at the Feet of ‘External Intervention,’ Warns Putin’s Spokesman”

The turmoil in Dagestan on Sunday, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, was a “clear” outcome of “external intervention” and “manipulation” of events in the Middle East. Peskov said that the situation could be readily used to incite resentment among the populace.

This instability comes after the Israeli-Hamas confrontation, which was sparked by a terrorist assault on October 7 that was motivated by Palestinian organizations, claimed over 1,400 lives, and threatened to spread throughout this area.https://chalkidanews.com/

“Pro-Palestinian Protests Emerge in Russia’s Caucasus Region Despite Strict Regulations”

Though public protests are strictly forbidden in Russia, there have been a number of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the Caucasus region in recent times. Russia, which has long served as a mediator in disputes between Israel and the Palestinians, demanded a truce in Gaza and provided tacit backing for Palestinian initiatives.

Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by multiple countries and entities, including the United States, the European Union, Israel, and others.

While Putin declined to denounce the Hamas attack at a meeting with religious leaders last week, the Kremlin welcomed members of the Hamas leadership for talks covering a range of topics, including the plight of Russian citizens kidnapped by the Gaza group.

According to a spokesperson for the head Rabbinate of Dagestan, there were between 300 and 400 Jewish households in Derbent, the capital city of Dagestan, and roughly the same amount across the area on Sunday.

Rabbi Ovadia Isaacov stated, “The situation in Dagestan is very difficult, the community is very scared,” and added, “Russia is not a haven,” in an interview with Podiyom, a tiny Russian internet media site. Additionally, a massacre occurred in Russia. Where to flee is unclear.”

A statement from the Prime Minister’s office in Israel said, “The State of Israel views seriously any attempt to harm Israeli citizens and Jews.”

A Telegram channel named “Morning Dagestan,” which has more than 50,000 members, seems to be the source of some of the stories. Ilya Ponomarev, a former politician from Russia who opposes the Kremlin and claims to be in charge of a dispersed Russian military unit fighting Moscow in Ukraine, is linked to the program. On Sunday, Ponomarev declared that he had not been in charge of the station for more than a year.

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