Putin Revelation: Russia Unveils Advanced Nuclear-Capable Weapons Amidst Global Tensions

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia has created and is presently developing a new class of strategic nuclear weapons that might be able to outwit US defenses. This action may mark the start of a new weapons race between the West and Moscow.

Putin Revelation Russia

Putin said, “You didn’t listen to our country then, listen to us now,” highlighting the fact that some of these weapons were already being tested, during his speech on Thursday.

Parallel Agendas Putin Weapons Revelation Echoes Trump Arsenal Strengthening

This statement followed former US President Donald Trump’s promise to assemble an arsenal powerful enough to stave off attack and came at the same time as the Pentagon released a new nuclear armaments doctrine. In line with Russian capabilities, the US program called for mounting low-yield nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles launched from submarines.

Although some of these weapons, including the nuclear missile RS-28 Sarmat (Satan 2), were known to exist before, Putin presented Russia’s arsenal modernization as a reaction to US strategy starting in 2001.

Putin Pre-Election Display Unveiling Advanced Weapons Amidst Treaty Fallout

Ahead of the presidential election, Putin showed off simulations and films of nuclear-powered cruise missiles, underwater drones, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and other weaponry in a nationally broadcast speech to the nation’s political elite. He ascribed their evolution to the US pulling out of the anti-ballistic missile agreement that it had signed with the Soviet Union in 1972.

Putin sent a defiant statement, saying, “The attempt at curbing Russia has failed,” while also promising the Russian people economic benefits and expressing animosity against the United States. This speech was seen by many as his first attempt at running for the 2018 presidential elections.

Putin Revelation Russia

Relocating the address from the opulent St George’s Hall at the Kremlin to a downtown Moscow exhibition venue, where movies and infographics could be presented, was part of the authorities’ plan to garner more attention for the event.

The speech’s first section concentrated on traditional pledges, such as raising GDP, lowering poverty, and increasing life expectancy. Eventually, though, it became a venue for showcasing Russia’s most recent weapons, some of which were able to launch a nuclear attack anywhere in the world.

Putin Showcas RS-28 Sarmat and Cutting-Edge Nuclear-Powered Missiles

Putin emphasized the RS-28 Sarmat missile, stating it could go 6,800 miles and carry 15 warheads, though its true capabilities are yet unknown. In addition, he boasted about the accomplishments of experiments he had conducted on cruise missiles propelled by nuclear power, hypersonic missiles, and cruise missiles with nuclear reactors.

He also displayed animated films depicting prototype weapons, such as the Kinzhal hypersonic missile, which can travel at speeds greater than 10 times the speed of sound, and a nuclear-powered cruise missile with an unbounded range. Putin said it was in operational usage once testing was over.

Talking about the RS-26 ballistic missile, Avangard, he said it was hitting its target like a meteorite, which made the US wonder if it was adhering to international weapons accords.

US Downplays Putin Weapons Revelation, Emphasizes Preparedness Against Other Threats

Putin’s remarks was minimized by the Pentagon, which said that US assessments had already taken Moscow’s arsenal into account. They underlined that they were prepared to deal with any possible threats and made it clear that other perceived enemies, like as Iran and North Korea, were the targets of their missile defense systems rather than Moscow.

Russia has been aggressively marketing its newest military technology, sending the Su-57, the country’s first stealth aircraft, to Syria for combat testing. However, because of its vague specifications and persistent problems with program delays and cost overruns, analysts are dubious about its potential.https://chalkidanews.com/

Putin Revelation Russia

“Engaging the Masses: Putin’s Public Contest for Naming New Russian Weapons”

Putin declared an online competition to name Russia’s new cruise missile and underwater drone in an attempt to get the public’s attention.With the exception of the four years he held the position of prime minister, Putin has made the address on “the situation in the country” fourteen times since taking office in 2000 as required by the constitution.

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