Ivanka Trump : Testimony in NY Fraud Trial ‘I Don’t Recall Deal Details||2023

November 8, New York (Reuters) – Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump, gave a testimony on Wednesday in the New York civil fraud lawsuit, claiming she couldn’t recall specifics of real estate transactions involving her father’s business. This puts the former president of the United States’ empire at risk.https://www.cricketworldcup.com/

Like her brothers Eric and Donald Trump Jr., who have testified in recent weeks, Ivanka Trump has made an effort to disassociate herself from the dubious techniques of valuation that had previously resulted in a fraud decision by the presiding court in this case.

Trump, on the other hand, has admitted that some of his predictions about golf courses, office buildings, and other firm properties were wrong.

“New York AG Accuses Trump of Faking Property Values for Personal Gain”

Democrat Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, has said that Trump and his family companies fabricated property values to inflate their worth and deceive lenders and insurers in order to enhance Trump’s image as a prosperous businessman.

Ivanka Trump is not a defendant in this lawsuit, in contrast to her father and brothers.As a top executive at the Trump Organization from 2011 to 2017, Ivanka concentrated on revitalizing the Old Post Office property in Washington, D.C., and the Doral Golf Course in Florida.

Ivanka Trump’s Email Reveals Concerns Over Father’s $3 Billion Asset Requirement”

Doubts Regarding Trump’s Wealth The condition imposed by the lender Deutsche Bank, which required her father to maintain a minimum of $3 billion in total assets, was disclosed to the jury in an email she sent in 2011. In it, she acknowledged that the requirement was problematic but urged business managers to comply. In her letter to the attorney representing the Trump Organization, she stated, “We wanted to get a good rate, and where we want to provide a guarantee of income/terms and total equity is the only way to guarantee the deal.”

Ultimately, despite her father’s claims of a $4.3 billion overall net worth that year, both parties agreed that the property needed to be valued at $2.5 billion.

She said on the witness stand that she was in favor of the agreement but that she couldn’t remember the details. She stated, “I generally felt that the terms for Doral with Deutsche Bank were favorable.”

She was also given a 2011 email that the federal government had obtained, which raised questions about Trump’s financial disclosures because the firm wanted to renovate the federally owned Old Post Office.

She went on to say that she couldn’t remember specifics. She said, “There were many emails, many discussions.”Despite his legal issues, Trump has denied any wrongdoing and accused James and special prosecutor Arthur Engoron of political prejudice and “election interference.” Trump is vying for the Republican presidential nominee in 2024. Late on Tuesday, he reaffirmed similar assertions on social media and expressed shock that Ivanka was being forced to testify.

“Ivanka Trump Acknowledges Valuation Discrepancies in Testimony, while Donald Jr. and Eric Trump’s Roles Raise Questions”

Ivanka Trump acknowledged that the appraisals of her properties were not always correct during her intense and abrasive testimony on Monday, but she said that the differences did not matter to the financial institutions that utilized them to set deal pricing.

Emails and other evidence revealed that Donald Jr. and Eric Trump may have been more involved in the matter than their testimony suggested, but they both stated in court last week that they were not in charge of the financial paperwork at issue.

During her father’s presidency from 2017 until 2021, Ivanka served in the White House and gave her brothers operational management of the business.Engoron’s verdict, which could possibly deprive Trump and his adult sons of authority over some of his most notable assets, strongly criticized the way assessments were made. The order is on hold while an appeal is pending.

James is requesting injunctions that would bar Trump and his adult sons from conducting business in New York as well as a $250 million fine.Apart from this particular case, Trump is facing charges in four other criminal cases, two of which are connected to attempts by two Democrats to nullify his election victory in 2020.

However, surveys suggest that he is well ahead of his Republican rivals in the contest to take on President Biden the next year.Jack Queen reported from New York; Andy Sullivan wrote the story; Grant McCool and Daniel Wallis edited it.

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