India vs Australia 2023 World Cup: Highlight

Highlights of India vs. Australia, ICC World Cup 2023: KL With 52 balls remaining, Rahul hit the game-winning stroke to give India a six-wicket victory.

This concludes our coverage of India’s opening match vs Australia in the 2023 ICC World Cup,where they are not only hosting the five-time champion team but also putting on a memorable show. Making a comeback from 2/3, they reached the target of 200 runs with six wickets and 52 balls left. Who was removed after Virat Kohli (85 runs off 166 bal

KL Rahul is the Player of the Match for his unbeaten 97

Since Virat (at 2/3), hardly much talk took place. Just trying to get my breath back. I had to execute the proper shots and act like it was a wold Cup of cricket. That was the general strategy, and I’m glad I could contribute to the team. Throughout the entire game, the circumstances stayed largely the same. Oss contributed in the final 15 overs as well. It wasn’t an easy wicket for batting because it was still two-paced. It was an excellent wicket, in my opinion. I’m thrilled that we might succeed. I made a fairly good shot (on the winning shot and his response). Just trying to figure out how close I was to a century. Hopefully at a later d

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