Earthquake Today : 6.4 Magnitude Quake Strikes Nepal, Leaving at Least 20 Injured – Live Updates”||भूकंप आज: नेपाल में 6.4 तीव्रता का भूकंप, कम से कम 20 घायल – लाइव अपडेट”

Update on earthquakes today: There has been an earthquake that is 10 kilometers deep. It happened at 28.84 N latitude and 82.19 E longitude. A powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal’s Gorkha district’s Lamjung region. On Friday night, the Delhi-NCR area felt the vibrations of the earthquake. The nearby areas, including Gurugram, Noida, and Greater Noida, were also affected by the earthquake.

Nepal Hit by Third Powerful Earthquake in a Month: 6.4 Magnitude Quake at 10km Depth”

The earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers and at a latitude of 28.84 N and a longitude of 82.19 E, according to the National Center for Seismology (NCS). This is the third powerful earthquake that has struck Nepal in the last month.

Houses Collapse in Nepal Earthquake: Police Officer Updates on Damage”

Santosh Rokka, a police officer, told Reuters, “Houses have collapsed.” Individuals have left their houses. The terrified residents are around me outside. We’re attempting to evaluate the harm.”

Nepal Earthquake Update: Major Quake Causes Minor Home Damage, No Human Casualties Reported”

This was a major earthquake,” Suresh Sunar, a senior officer from the Gorkha area where the earthquake happened, told Reuters. There have been reports of minor home damage. We are gathering information. As of yet, no human casualties have been reported. The army and police have been called in.”

I was lying on my bed, and the bed started shaking,” a Delhi resident told ANI. My sister was asleep next to me when I phoned her. There was a lot of commotion outside as we walked to the balcony.”

Earthquake Epicenter: 227km North of Ayodhya, 331km West-Northwest of Kathmandu”

The epicenter of the earthquake was around 227 kilometers north of Ayodhya and 331 kilometers west-northwest of Kathmandu, according to news agency PTI.

We were watching television and enjoying the weekend when we felt tremors for quite some time,” a Gurugram resident said to PTI.

Delhi and Patna Residents Share Their Experiences During the Earthquake”

An individual residing in Delhi told ANI, “It took some time to realize what was happening…”Another Patna resident claimed, “I realized it was an earthquake when it started shaking while I was lying on the bed.”

A person living in Patna told ANI, “I was lying on the bed, and it started shaking, and I saw that the ceiling fan was also moving, so I quickly came out of my house.”Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow and Noida both felt the tremors from the earthquake.

The ANI report said that at 11:32 am on Friday, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 rocked Nepal.

Delhi Earthquake Today: Tremors Felt in Delhi-NCR, Patna, and Across Uttar Pradesh”

Delhi Earthquake Today: The Delhi-NCR and the nearby areas saw strong earthquake shocks. In addition, Patna, Bihar, as well as other Uttar Pradesh towns like Ayodhya, Lucknow, Varanasi, and others, experienced earthquake shocks.

Delhi Earthquake Today: Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, and the neighboring towns all witnessed strong aftershocks from the earthquake. The NCS reports that Nepal experienced the 6.4-magnitude earthquake.

Northern India Feels Tremors as Earthquake Strikes at 10km Depth – NCS Report”

The northern parts of India, including Delhi-NCR, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh, felt the effects of the earthquake. The National Center for Seismology (NCS) reports that around 11:32 p.m., the earthquake happened at a depth of 10 kilometers.

The National Center for Seismology (NCS) has said that the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Gorkha district in the Lamjung area of Nepal.

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